What if my

workplace is unionized?

What if my workplace is unionized, but we want to go with Local 97? The employees of any company are free to choose who they want to represent them, whether they are union or not. If there is already a union in place at your employer, but you would like a chance to enjoy the many benefits of being represented by Local 97, we can help you take the steps to make that a reality.

In British Columbia there is the chance to switch unions for a short window every year. For 2 months each year, employees can make an application for a change in representation. If you would like more information on this, or assistance for you and fellow employees who would like to see some change please contact us immediately!

organise your employer

Helpful Assets


Jonathan Leighs
- 604-803-2534
- jonathan@ironworkerslocal97.com

Organizing Office
- 604-709-3008

Union Membership Card

Outlined in Step 2, you'll need to download and return this PDF to Ironworkers Local 97 to formally submit your interest in the certification process.

- Please print, sign and return by post to:

Ironworkers Local 97 c/o Certification
6891 Macpherson Ave,
Burnaby, BC
V5J 4N2, Canada

- Or scan a signed copy and email it to:

Caelen Dunkley

Download PDF