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Introduction to The Trade

Getting Started

At Local 97, we have a long history of helping people with no experience get the training and skills they need to be safe and successful in this industry. For those wanting to enter the trade with no experience, we recommend taking the Ironworker Foundation program at BCIT. This program offers a comprehensive overview of the trade, and puts students to work practicing the skills and using the tools they will need in the field. With extensive opportunities for practice, this program lives up to its name by giving you the foundation you need for a career as an Ironworker.

For more information on the programs available:

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Some experience?

We realize that there are many ways people find their way into the trade, and try to match your experience and goals with the appropriate training program. If you have experience in the trade, there are other options for school. Ironworkers Local 97 will take you on and put you to work, and after a few months of working with our contractors we offer you a chance to become a registered apprentice, and attend the Level 1 Ironworker Generalist Program at BCIT.

Join us As a

Prospective Ironworker

Whether your learning about Ironworkers for the first time today or you’ve experienced some trade or construction experience. We welcome you to join us below to start your journey or simply learn more.

Any experience in trades or construction?

For more information on apprenticeship and pathways to certification, refer to the flow chart below.


Work 1 Year
Work 1 Year

Ironworker Generalist – Level 3
6 Weeks BCIT
Cost $900

Write IP / Red Seal
4740 hours
$2000 completion grant

Ironworker Reinforcing

Work 1 Year

Write IP / Red Seal
3200 hours
$2000 completion grant